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Where should I connect D-Link DSL-4320L (Taipan) modem/router for NBN?

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Hi, I have D-Link DSL-4320L (Taipan) dsl modem/router and I'd like to use it for my NBN service.


My address has FTTP service and I'm not sure how I can set up my modem with this.


Where should I plug in the telephone jack? (NBN box or just normal wall socket)


I tried both last night but, both didn't work. Smiley Sad


With FTTP, the wifi router uses an ethernet cable to connect to the Uni-D port on the FTTP unit. The Taipan device only has a RJ11 (telephone) socket so it can be used with ADSL (if you had it before and it hasn't been cut off) or FTTB/FTTN.