Wifi Extension

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Hi all, 

I recently set up a wifi modem in my new rental. Works perfectly, however, due to some solid cement walls and a corenered staircase to upstairs, we can't get wifi connection in the upstairs main bedroom. 
I'm thinking about potentiall using an existing nbn port and running a phone cable up the staircase to the upstairs foyer. An extender would not work as all of upstairs cannot get a signal. 


Would using a secondary modem work or do I need to manually connect the existing modem to the second one through a phone cable? Do I need to contact TPG directly to do this for me? Don't want to be spending more money than I have to..


What type of NBN connection do you have? Is it Fibre to the Node or Fibre to the Curb?


I'm not sure what your set up is on your place, but speaking from experience, a wifi extender works with a large house with thick walls, though I would rely on your assessment on this.


Having a second modem is not recommended as you can only utilize 1 authenticating device for most NBN connection, the rest can be network extenders such as routers, hub, etc.