Wifi doesnt connect

Level 2
With TPG using the HG659 modem.
1) 5G
5G WiFi has an incredibly small range. I am literally 4m away from my modem, with a concrete wall in between, and all my devices constantly disconnect from the 5G WiFi, except for my laptop. Is this normal? I have 3 phones and a tablet, all suffer from the same issue.
2) 2.4Ghz
the reason that I had to use 5G and suffer the constant disconnection issue is that I just can't connect to the 2.4G WiFi. When it works, its fine, but when I turn my device WiFi off and then back on, or it disconnects (doesn't happen a lot with 2.4G) for whatever reason, I can never connect it back to the 2.4G Wi-Fi. I had to use my data while leaving my device WiFi on, then in a few hours or days or even weeks it will automatically connect to the 2.4G WiFi again, and I never know when it does that. I can be right next to the modem and the same ** would happen. The only way for me to manually reconnect it to 2.4G when I want it to, is to restart the modem and make everyone else mad. What do I do?

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You are right, for 5 GHz connection the 4 meters is quite short for its range, however, we still need to consider the factors that can interfere with the WiFi signal. (e.g. any wireless device near the modem, walls, electromagnetic appliances, etc.)


For the 2.4 GHz connection, it is odd that your devices won't connect to it automatically, unless there's a high interference affecting this, which may explain why your 5 GHz connection is playing up.


You may check this article in improving your WiFi connection. Check me and me.


Keep us posted if it's going to improve or not.


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