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Wifi extender

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We have this modem which doesn't work in the back half of the house is there a wifi extender to fix this issue ?

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You can use any brand of wireless extender of your choice.

Ask the store sales person for your options.

If you have a big house you might want to checkout wireless mesh.



Hi @Johnny,


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We did an article that may help you improve your wireless connection available here.



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Hi @Shane ,


We have the similar issue. We were on ADSL and have a WN2500RP Netgear Wifi Extender which worked fine previously. We then changed over to NBN and were given a (N300 nf12 Netcomm Router) , and cannot for love nor money get the two to talk to each other over wifi. I've tried to connect with WPS, through the wizard and manually - no joy.  I managed to get the extender to work but only if the ethernet was plugged into from routher to extender. This is not feasible as the FOX IQ is downstairs some distance away from the main router, and that is also where the blackspot is.

Any direction on setup would be greatly appreciated as it's drivig us NUTS !!

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@Yatesy2  are you able to detect the NF12 wireless signal on the Netgear?

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Yes I can see the SSID , but when I go through the setup it suggests there's a problem connecting?


Hi @Yatesy2,


Can you post a screen shot of the error message when you tried to set up the WN2500RP Netgear Wifi Extender to our supplied Netcomm NF12 router?