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Wifi slow for certain devices after port forwarding

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Earlier today, i went through the process of forwarding a port in order to host a gane server and have people join over the internet. Unfortunatly, ever since then, the wifi speeds for every other device and application have been extreamly slow.
I have since deleted the port forwarding virtual server thing, but this has not helped and both my laptop and phone have terrible speed.
The last time i attempted to utilise port forwarding was when my family had a differedt wifi modem, and we had to get a new one due to the speed being affected so much.
If anyone is able to help woth this issue that would be appreciated.

Hi @Ghoose 


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If you are experiencing slow connection speed, then you may check this article that we've created that may help you resolve this.

For WiFi connection, signal interference may be causing it. Here are some articles that will help you improve your home WiFi network.


Let us know how it goes.