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Will my old Apple devices connect to my new 5G home broadband?

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Hi there, I was recently convinced to change my home braodband network to 5g. I asked the TPG salesperson if all my older devices would connect to 5G. I was assured they would. My iMac is 10 years old, and some of my ipads are 12 years old. Can you please reassure me they will connect to TPG 5G before i switch over to the new modem?



Hi @chrisgordon69 . Ethernet devices should be ok. Some users have had trouble with wifi devices connecting to Sagemcom 5G modem. They have used their old wifi router as an access point cabled to Sagemcom.

There were some comments in the past that the Nokia 5G modem was better. TPG might now have reverted to the Nokia modem.

You should ask if there is a cooling off period with the 5G connection. It means if you have problems with 5G you can just return the 5G modem and resume your NBN connection.

Apart from this, how good is your 5G reception? Do you have a 5G mobile phone?