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Wired connection between routers

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I am looking at attempting to set up a wired bridge between the router that came from TPG when I set up my NBN (Huawei NBN modem wireless router) and another third party router i already have (D-link). the floor space and wall construction of the house means the signal will just not reach and i have heard about this option. I have tried the signal extenders and they have not worked well at all.

can anyone assit me in how I can go about doing this?

I'm pretty green on this sort of thing so will need it spelled out sorry :-/

distance from one router to the other would be at least 30 meters (i have plenty of ethernet cable to achive the distance)

thank you in advance!


Hi @fastcar1977,


Welcome to the community!

We have answered an article on how to bridge our supplied Huawei modem available here Bridging Huawei HG659 for FTTN.


Let me know should you require further assistance.