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Wired devices can't connect to the internet but wireless ones can

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I have an Archer VR1600v. Recently, after no changes have been made in any way, my computer will no longer connect to the internet. It is connected to the modem, the LEDs are all on as they should be suggesting there's an ethernet connection, and in Windows network and sharing centre it is connected to the network just with no internet.
From the trouble shooting it seems that my computer isn't being assigned an IP address to access the internet. I've tried changing ipv4 from obtaining it's details automatically to inputting suggested details using as the default gateway but that didn't work. All I can get is 5 minutes of internet after I've turned my PC and the modem off then turned my PC back on again after a connection has been made with the modem. But thats only 5 minutes and intermittently. I've been searching and trying things for hour, I've noticed other people have had this issue and posted here amongst other places but I can't seem to find an actual fix.

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Hi jordan36.

Did you get this fixed?