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Wireless Router Mode in Archer VR1600V

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I have two Arhcer VR1600V modems, both purchased from TPG.


I would like to use one of them as a router (let's call this the wifi router) to bring wifi to a part of the house that is too far from my main Archer modem (let's call this NBN modem).


I tried the method posted by TP-Link here :


I can see that the Operation Mode (shown in the video) is non-existent. It is an OEM device ordered by TPG after all.


Can you advise me of the solution to my problem above please? How can I use my spare Archer as a wifi router.



Level 15

Hi @coffeelover . The following only works if you can connect the remote router by ethernet cable.

No changes to the main router; it operates in normal mode.

On the remote router, do factory reset. Login to admin, change its LAN ip address to say, and disable DHCP. Connect remote router LAN port to main router LAN port. Devices on remote router can connect to internet through main router. On remote router, you can change the wifi names to be same as main router. On the 2.4G band, use a different channel number from main router (1 or 6 or 11).

If cable connection is not possible, can the main router be repositioned to spread wifi coverage?

If not, you can try a wifi extender. After initial setup, it is placed partway between main router and the low wifi signal area. Use your wifi device to determine best position for extender; the extender needs a good signal from the main router.