crappy speeds NBN100

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I am currently on NBN FTTN 100 plan and have been suffering with abhorent speeds.


I am connected via wifi (yes i know i can lose out there) via TPG supplied Archer VR1600V V1.


Speed tests through

OOKla @ 11.17Mbps download 15.89Mbps upload 11ms ping

TPG @ 11.4Mbps download 18.1Mbps upload 11ms ping

Google @ 10Mbps download 14Mbps upload 11ms ping


Checking the bandwidth control shows upstream rate of 22600Kbps and download 12496Kbps.


I read somewhere about turning off bandwidth control but when i do that i lose all internet connectivity.


Would anybody have an insight as to what the deal may be.

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Hi @kylierod . Has it been like this since changing to NBN or just started recently?

NBN relies on the user to not transmit data too quickly, hence bandwidth control.

Using wifi means not getting full capability compared to ethernet. Are you using 5G wifi band or 2.4G?

Can you try clearing the downstream setting and redo speed test. Use the one on TPG's support page. Does the graph progress smoothly or does it stop and start a bit? The proper value for upstream setting is 19500 Kbps.

Check the DSL stats in the router. It shows max and current up and down line speeds and other line values. 

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Thanks for the reply @david64.

It has been a rollercoaster ever since time.

Understandably I lose out with wifi. I have tried connection over 5g and 2.4g and nothing much really changes.

When i used the speed test through TPG support page it was relatively smooth and stayed level.


Strangely though since i have raised this question in the community the downstream rate in the router now shows as 80848 Kbps but the total downstream box remains unchanged. I would have thought that if bandwidth control was active then it would regulate that on its own, or am i wrong?


You mention clearing the downstream setting and redo speed test, how do I go about that?

See screenshot from router showing settings as i have found it tonight after login

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@kylierod . Your FTTN bandwidth control is a bit different from my FTTC.

Try clearing the value in Total Downstream Bandwidth, and Save. Or set it to the value in Current Downstream Rate. It's up to the NBN network to regulate downstream bandwidth.

There is also the DSL info on Advanced, Status page. Shows info on the connection to the node.

FTTN 100 doesn't mean 100 Mbps. Distance from node and line quality affect the basic line speed and network activity affects speed test results over that.