gmail app tpg emails

Level 2


I've been using the gmail app on android (version 2021.05.16.380255809 release). 


My tpg emails have been coming through ok but recently I have noticed the older emails disappear from the inbox. I first thought they were being archieved but I dont have the archieve function turned on or available. Now all the emails have disappearred and the inbox is empty. I have my hotmail (imap) emails working fine, no emails disappear unless I delete them. My tpg email is set up a pop3 if that makes a difference? Any ideas how to retrieve my tpg email history in the App? Note, I sent a test email and I am receiving emails ok, they just dont stay in the App. Thanks.

Level 14

Hi @dasjnunn . TPG POP3 email has a duration of 45 days before being deleted from all mail boxes. You can keep emails permanently by using an email client on your device. (Is the gmail app a real client or just an access to webmail?) Emails are downloaded to the client.

TPG also have an IMAP facility.