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have consistently not had wi-fi or landline for 3 days now

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i have been on NBN since 2016 and have sporadically had problems with service drop-outs but this is next level. it is dropping out up to 20 times a day, for the last 3 days. i have checked for my area and there are no reported NBN or TPG outages / service issues. i am now thinking it is the modem. i have tried to call tech support and have not yet been spoken to. 

i have had the same modem since 2016, is this a common problem with old modems, that the wi-fi and VolP service drops out? is the simple solution to upgrade a modem?

the wifi and volp lights will turn red, stay red for 10-15 minutes, sometimes up to an hour, and then go green again, which will reconnect, and then soon enough they are red again!

i am a university student studying from home due to COVID and simply cannot survive with unreliable wi-fi. i am on the verge of changing providers because this issue is having a MASSIVE impact on me. 





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