huawei hg659 issues

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I have had the Huawei router for a while now which was okay most of the time with occasional restart required. 

We are getting more and more devices connected to the internet these days and the router doesn't seem to be able to handle it. e.g. phone is connected to wifi but no internet while another device still has internet. 

The 5G wifi also never seems to work even in close range. 

I am not sure if the firmware needs updating or the device itself isn't made to handle more than 7 or 8 devices. 

Appreciate any help or solutions, thanks. 

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Are you still having problems with this?

Re the 5G missing, this router has a button on the side to turn wifi on or off. Is your wifi device able to see both wifi networks? If it only sees the 2.4G, router could be faulty. What are the wifi signal strengths?


Does the internet light go out or is it always on even when you think there is no internet available?


What is your plan speed? If 12/1, you might be overloading it.

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Thanks for the reply.
I can see 5g in wifi setting and Can connect to it. But it doesn't not connect to the internet. My speed should be 50/20 and most of the time it works fine. Only when many devices are connected then some of the device gets not internet.
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The HG659 manual doesn't have much on configuration. When internet doesn't connect on a device, check if it has been given an ip address. In Windows, do   ipconfig   command. If phone/tablet, in Settings/Connections, tap the connected session to see ip address.

There may be a problem in the way the router manages wifi devices. Looking on the internet, the router may use a new ip address for a device which reconnects, rather than using its previous address. When the problem happens, you might log on to router and see what devices the router has listed.  (Don't know how to do this.)


Post back here the firmware version of the router.


If a moderator doesn't pick this up tomorrow, make a new post with all this info.


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Thanks again here is the info. 
I will maybe chat to tech support directly to resolve this. 
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