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kogan agora 6 plus and tp-link archer VR1600v problem


Hi @Stewart9643,

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  • TPG organised the disconnection of my ADSL 3 weeks before the NBN connection costing me a small fortune in mobile internet bills etc while at the same time cancelling my initial application to switch due to email failure and no attempt by TPG to follow it up.

We apologise for the inconvenience this NBN installation delay has caused you. As per checking, we were unable to progress your initial order dated July 28,2018 as we were unable to receive your payment.

TPG is a prepaid service. Your initial payment is comprised of an installation fee and your 1st month fee. By operating this way we are able to keep costs down to continue offering the best value deals possible to our customers. The installation process begins as soon as we receive these specified funds from the customer.

We have tried to call you and we have also sent an email to follow up regarding the payment, but to no avail. That being said, the initial order has been cancelled.

You have contacted us on October 2 to make a follow up regarding the NBN installation and you were advised about the cause of delay.

We have offered to create a new account, payment has been received and the order has been submitted to NBN Co. on the same day. The installation date has been booked and installed on October 10.



  • The NBN technician they sent around sent the NBN down the wrong cable pair leaving it to me to change all my terminations coming in from the pit. He told my wife to call a phone tech to fix the problem he created. The tech also demanded to allowed onsite at 10am when he was booked for after 1pm forcing a early return home. I am a tech but the job would have cost most people at least $150.

We appreciate your feedback about the NBN technician who installed the service and we will forward this to NBN Co. to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

The same issue applys in Safe Mode and Normal Mode. 3 Agora 6+ Phones, all have the same issue. I'm going to try a different brand of router.


  • The router which they supply doesn't work with 3 mobile phones which means I am up for more money for another router. Estimated cost $200-$300 plus.

We can see that you have been in touch with one of our technical specialists yesterday who was able to confirm that the service is working.

We don't recommend that you buy a different modem for comparative testing.

If you are still having issues with your 3 Agora 6+ Phones, please let us know so we can investigate further.

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Hi @Stewart9643 The RF connectivity problems are widespread it seems with the Kogan Agora 6 Plus, both WiFi and bluetooth reliability is less than satisfactory, it's not the Archer VR1600v that's at fault here, Kogan has a non existent tech support base which adds to the situation.

I would suggest downgrading the firmware on one of the units to Android 6.0 and see how you go then. I can't find any support site to download a suitable firmware file and flash tool or .bin loader. You may have more luck.

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I also have this problem. I just finished having NBN installed. Everything else seems to be working so far. I haven't yet got to the voip setup. My wife's MotoG5 connects with no problems, but my AGORA keeps rebooting, even when still in SafeMode. I'm thinking of attaching my old router as an access point; I had no issues with that previously.

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Just an update, in Safe Mode, it only seems to reboot approx. half a dozen times; then settles down.
I'm going to review installed programs and delete any I don't need.

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OK, this makes no sense to me, but I'll tell my efforts so far.
After disabling a couple of apps, only 3; I restarted normally. On restarting, it went through the same reboot cycling. After a while, about the tenth time, the cycling appeared to be taking longer. I thought maybe the phone had gone into sleep mode. I pressed the power button and the phone woke up and behaved normally. I put it on charge and was going to leave it; but I thought I should test a little more. I turned the phone off and then back on, after which the rebooting cycle started again. I should have quit while I was ahead.
    After about 4 reboots, I thought I'd try the power button trick again; but it didn't work, just kept rebooting. Now I just let it keeping rebooting. After about 10 or so additional reboots, they started to slow down again. Once again, when it looked as though it might be sleeping, I pressed the power button. I think I had to press it a couple of times to wake the phone back up, but after that the phone again appears to be working normally. For now, I've just put it back on charge. I'll see how it works tomorrow.

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My AGORA adventure continues this morning.
After leaving the phone on charge all night, there has been no evidence of it rebooting. Function normally, making calls etc.
    I had cause to leave the house ( out of WiFi range). When I returned, I noticed the phone had gone back into a rebooting cycle. It rebooted 8+ times from when I started counting, and then was OK. I deliberately restarted the phone, and it went through 14 reboots before it settled down.
    It seems to be a problem specifically between the router and the AGORA phone, no problems anywhere else. I'll try to live with this for a while; but if too much, I'll swing my wife's previous old Samsung back into action for me.

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Hi Guys,

After having all the problems myself, I've finally solved this issue. I noticed all the problems have the same components, 1) Kogan Agora 6+, 2) Archer 1600v router. As everyone with the problem has correctly argued, the issue is with the Archer 1600v router. We can all connect fine to any other WIFI available. The problem is TPG will not except this conclusion, and will argue the issue is with the Kogan Agora 6+. I finally got sick of arguing this with them, and threatened to transfer ISP unless they sent me a Huawei router (at their cost), rather than the Archer router. They reluctantly agreed, and guess what? - The Huawei router arived today and works fine! No more issues with the Kogan Agora 6+ constantly restarting!

Hope this helps the rest of you. No need to buy a new phone.

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Weird stuff for me, I got my Kogan Agora 6+ phone to connect wthe the Archer VR1600v for about 20 seconds via Wi-Fi before the phone reset itself about 12 times and then it connected. However, when I went out of range of the Archers WiFi range and came back into it, my phone went spastic and tried to reboot for about 3 hours until the battery went flat. I was not happy. I left the phone powered off and recharged it and as soon as I powered it back on, it went back into reboot mode continously. It was bin night and I took the phone with me so I could throw it in the bin and when it was out of WiFi the phone booted. It was A WTF moment. When I got in range of the VR1600v, the phone went crazy again so I pressed the WiFi button on top to kill the modems WiFi and my phone booted up without problems. Switch on the WiFi and the phone went spastic do I deleted the ArcherVR1600v profile from its WiFi and It worked fine, except fo no WiFi on the archer.


I had another old TP-Link router modem that I had used for connection to ADLS2+ when I thought my old Billion 7100N died. The replacement was a TD-W8960N that I bought in 2012 when I thought my Billion had died. The Telstra line was at fault so I put it back in the box and stored it. I'm glad I did.


I tried to set up the 8960N as a WAP and it did not work because the firmware was crap so I reset the 8960N several times and the upgraded the firmware to the latest which was about 5 years old.


Any how, the TP-Link connection videos and written instructions weren't that good for setting up a WAP.


Before the firmware on the 8960N was upgrade, it would not pick up the internet through its WAN port, ADSL2+ was no problems. That was one of the biggest issues. Both modems used the IP address and TP-Link crap said just to disable DHCP on the second modem, but it did not work.

Both modems use a range for DHCP but another site said to use an IP address out side the range so I set the 8960N to, NAT off, DHCP from the archer ( as a pass through relay and some other settings.


So now, my 8960N atcs as a wireless access point to my Kogan Agora 6+ phone and I am happy.



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I Had exactly the same issue as Dave2972, from when i first got NBN and used the same solution .. (set up my old tp-link w8960N as the wireless access point for the kogan agora 6 plus and all the other wireless bits and pieces, (3 tablets, 2 extra phones, and a couple of laptops etc) and it all worked fine.. i had the wireless switched off on the vr1600v..
No problems till about 3 days ago when suddenly the phone went into the continuous restart loop at the rainbow screen.
Did a hard rest of the phone and then aftert a lot of fffing around discovered this thread about the vr1600r ... it seems something had happened to extend the issue to the w8960N..
i have another (billion) modem which i have in storage and will try as a replacement for the tplink...but it will take a week to get it out of storage (its at my parents place..200km away)

But was wondering if anyone has found an alternative solution for the problem...