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nbn fixed wireless settings for BYO modem Dlink cobra DSL5300

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I have just recently moved house and have moved to a residence with nbn fixed wireless.  I have a DLink DSL 5300 modem and cannot connect to the internet with it.  I have searched numerous places to find the required settings but can't find anything that will work.

I had the same issue when I moved to the previous house the settings didn't work and it took a lot of trial and error to finally get the settings that would work.

I do have the TPG modem and this does work, however I find the wireless connections work better with my dlink.


Hi @Kjk666 . On the DSL, you have to select the type of connection used. For fixed wireless, it is Ethernet WAN. Also, whether VLAN is enabled and the value. Check if the TPG router has VLAN enabled or not.

The settings are PPPoE and username and password in same format as in TPG router.

Also, DSL has Triple Play setting which has VLAN settings which might need setting.

Internet VLAN is 2; set the others to -1.

For the Internet Traffic Type, set them all to Internet (value in drop-down menu).