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secure web sockets blocked by ISP?

Level 2

Does TPG restrict secure web sockets or block the default port for secure web sockets?


I have an electric vehicle (EV) charging station installed on my NBN FTC home network (hard wired to the router) that I want to connect to an external server using secure websockets. This is defined by the electric vehicle charging protocol OCPP.


To troubleshoot, I have removed all devices (wireless & hard wired) from my network and just left the EV charger connected to the TPG supplied router (Archer VR1600v, Firmware 0.1.0 0.9.1). I've disabled the firewall, even tried turning on the DMZ. Unfortunately, the device still can't establish a connection to the server.


The EV charger has a valid IP address on the network and has the necessary authentication details required by the external server.


I can't seem to Traceroute / Tracert the server, but can ping it...


I'm assuming TPG is blocking something.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated? 

Level 15

Hi @mitch89 . TPG don't block outbound connections.

Try enabling uPnP on router.

What is the hostname or ip address of the remote server?

Does your EV device have a log you can check?

Level 2

Thanks David for the response.


I have uPnP already enabled.


The server I am trying to connect to is:




Level 15

@mitch89 . That website resolves to using google. Tracert doesn't complete and ping times out. was the last ip address on tracert.

There's not much info on OCPP. You might try the support of the charging station.