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tp-link VR1600v Ver: 2.0 not compatible with App store and Chromecast?

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Hi There, 


We just moved over to the NBN and have set up using the modem provided by TPG (p-link VR1600v Ver: 2.0). 


The internet is working fine, however the devices in our house have sudden started having issues. Both our Chromecasts are now unable to connect to the internet (saying there is no Wifi Connection) and our Apple devices are unable to acces the App store (3 mobile phones and several ipads), these phones and devices have no issues once switching to mobile data from Wifi, and have all be reset-rebooted with the same result.


I have sent an email to to your helpdesk and they have replied with a very unhelpful link to an apple community forum, as if it is the devies at fault not the modem?


I was wondering if this could be a simple setting or upgrade to the modem that is needed to get all the devices working again. 


As you can imagine we are very upset that we can no long stream to our TV's and access our App stores. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @dmin7166 


We've already coordinate this to our proper dept. for investigation.

We will keep you posted as soon as we get any feedback.



Hi @dmin7166 


Can you please try to forget the wifi network of your chromecast and then reconnect it to your wifi and let us know the following.

  • Are you using Wifi 2.4GHz or 5GHz?
  • Does chromecast connect to the modem’s WiFi network successfully?
    • If not what is the error message

For the app store.

  • Does the issue happen on all your apple device?
  • Does the affected device use Wifi 2.42.4GHz or 5GHZ?
  • Do you get any error message when you try to access the app?