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whats the best way to connect orbi ax1800 to an archer v1600v2? (acknowledging VoIP wont work)

Level 2

Hi there,


I have previously used my orbi ax1800 as a mesh network with my archer v1600 (FTTN NBN) but recently it has stopped working. Just wondering whether bridge mode would be better for this setup and if so how can I do this as the VLAN 2 is already taken for the PPPoE? I acknowledge that VoIP wont work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Level 15

Hi @astrickland .

Following are instructions to put Archer VR1600 in bridge mode.

To put Archer in bridge mode, basically delete the DSL connection with vlan id 2 and add new connection.


The settings for Orbi: PPPoE, username + and password.

Orbi does all routing functions. VOIP won't work.