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Archer vr1600v bridge mode - Totally confused.

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Hi All,

I am totally confused in putting thr TP-LINK VR1600V into bridge mode.

I have tried  to follow the instructions of those that have said it worked for them. However my modem interface on the PC went blank.


What I have done.

1. Changed default gateway to, 

2. Rebooted modem


On the "Advance Tab"


1.) Select on "Network"

2.) Click on "DSL"

3.) Delete PPPOE on VLAN 2

3.) Then click on "+Add" to create a new connection

4.) Make sure to select on "VDSL"

5.) Look for "Bridge" on the "Internet Connection Type"

6.) "Enable" the VLAN ID

7.) VLAN ID should be "2"

8.) Lastly, "Save" the changesBridge.jpg


Then I lost the modem interface.


I am using FTTN NBN.

Want I am trying achieve is using the TP-LINK VR1600V and a modem connected to a Unifi USG. I know TPG don't advise on other brands and I accept that.

I just to be able to put the TP-LINK in bridge mode or modem only mode.



Here is an excert from a the TP-LINK forum.


I've managed to get the Archer VR1600v Modem/Router working as a Modem only connected to an NBN FTTN copper telephone line.


This is what I've done;-


1.        Changed the IPv4 address of the Archer VR1600v to to make it different from my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router with IPv4 address, which enables             me to access the Archer VR1600v web service through my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router from my computer.


2.        Turned off DHCP and WiFi. as my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router will provide both.


3.        Deleted all existing Internet connections on the Archer VR1600v and established a Bridge Internet connection.


4.        Plugged my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router into LAN Port 1 on the Archer VR1600v.


5.        Configured my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router to use the Archer VR1600v as a Modem.


I'm able to look at the Archer VR1600v Status and Log through its web service from my computer, with Time provided from my computer. Although I can change settings in the Archer VR1600v through my DrayTek Vigor 2926Vac Router from my computer, so far I have not found any need to do so.


This is what I am after.




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Hi @nelgnej . You seem to have the right instructions for bridge mode. This can be done with your device connected to Archer. Once in bridge mode, can you still login to the Archer? Ethernet or wifi?

In the screenshot, the ptm interface shows DSL disabled. Was the RJ11 cable connected?

The Draytek is connected next. Its config specifies which WAN port is used. PPPoE is used. There is no VLAN config here.


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Hi @david64,

I am wanting the Archer to be in bridge mode, connecting the Unifi Router to it.

In the screen shot which I saved from another post on instructions how to enable bridge mode. The  ptm interface - DSL should be deleted so you can create the bridge on Vlan2 so TPG has indicated in another thread. When I did that I lost the Modem Interface. No I couldn't log back in so I ended up doing a Factory Reset to get  everything back


This why I am confused. 


The real question is there different setting for FTTN, FTTB, FTTC, HFC for bridge mode.

Is it possible to have bridge mode for FTTN.?

In the example I gave with the Draytek, TPG is not the ISP Provider, to my understanding The VR1600 was straight out of the box with not customization by a ISP Provider.

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@nelgnej . I'm not sure what happens in bridge mode. Maybe the admin function is disabled and a reset is needed to get it back. In bridge mode, the Archer might only pass frames between its WAN/DSL port and whichever LAN port is connected. It might be able to detect which port (WAN/DSL) is being used.

There have been several users with FTTN that buy a better router without a DSL port so they need the Archer in bridge mode.

When the Archer goes into bridge mode, the DSL light should stay on since it's doing the comms with the node. The Unifi should be in standard config: PPPoE without VLAN ID. If using WAN1, disable WAN2. Check its system log; set Debug level for the three areas of logging.

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Thank you for your input, I have successfully been able to put the modem in to bridge mode and connect to the USG. the whole system is now up and running and connected to the web.

Glen R

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Hi @nelgnej can you please post the exact setup you used to achieve this? I'm trying to do the same thing and had the same issue as you. What solved it for you?

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@Desmillicious, Yes I was able to get the setup to work, I take it you wnt to put the Archer VR1600V bridge mode to use the UNIFI USG as your router. Is this correct?



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Yes that’s right. For us it’s using an Orbi pro router/mesh wifi6 network and it would be better if the vr1600v was in bridge mode.
Did you have to change any other settings on the archer to get it to work?
Thanks in advance
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@nelgnej Just checking in what you did please.

I did the same as your original instructions with non luck. I am looking at pfsense setup, but it should be the same process as the usg.
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Hi @chrisgrind,

I had problems at first following the above steps. It been a while since I have done it, but these are the steps I finally took.

1. Connected Desktop to modem directly

2. Did a factory reset to the Modem

3. Logged in to modem under

4. Once Logged in set modem to IP address

5 Set DCHP to

6. Under Network Connection delete all connections

7 Then add

                Then click on "+Add" to create a new connection

                Make sure to select on "VDSL"

                "Enable" the VLAN ID

                Look for "Bridge" on the "Internet Connection Type"

                VLAN ID should be "2"

                Then save.

Reboot Modem and it should be in Bridge Mode.

Once I had set up the USG I connected Modem and USG back into the Network.