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when you cant get help - Port forward

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ive been in IT for a few years, and never had an issue with this, maybe im missing something, i am getting old..

i have tried 3 modems, 
I have correctly seup the virtual server and enabled uPNP.
i have disabled all firewalls on modem/PC/servers.
TPG have told me they DO NOT BLOCK ANY PORTS.
however when i do a port check from an external site (ie Sheilds up).
the scanner tells me that the port is block in "Stealth Mode", which means the port is blocked at the ISP level.
i have contacted the modem manufactuers and they have remoted in and double checked my work, "All Good, its your ISP"

what do you do next?

Level 9

Hi OutaCtrl. Can you use your phone's mobile data and browser to remote into modem like manufacturer did? Try with http and https; likely using ports 80 and 443. Remote management usually allows you to set the port numbers to use. Set it to use a port number that you are wanting to port forward to. Try to remote in again. In the address bar in browser, add a colon and the new port number after your dynamic wan address. 

What model modem is it?

Level 2

I can access the login no worries, both from LAN and remoting in from outside, thats not the issue.
i have used the following routers

Huawei HG658
D-link  DVG-N5412SP


no modems work when setting up NAT or virtual servers.

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You're thinking TPG is blocking ports.  They're not blocking 80 or 443 since the remote management works. So set remote management to some other port and see if that one gets through. One of the ports you want to use with forwarding but take it out of rules first.

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Sorry, been flat our.

So, i changed the remote access port to a new port number, firstly removing my port rules, but making sure i changed the remote access to the new port that i want to use. 

i could no longer access the modem. everything points to TPG blocking the ports.
the only two ports i could find open are 80 - web and 5060 - sip.
443 is blocked.....


Level 9

Some while ago, TPG were blocking ports for some or all users because of some issue with VOIP. Don't know if that is still occurring.

You should open a new thread for this problem. Include your original post. Include the test with the remote management set to a different port and not working. Wait for a moderator to read it.

If you want to test further, get packet capture software for your computer; I like Wireshark. Disable remote management on the router, forward some ports to the Wireshark computer. Some of the well-known ones (21,22,23,25,53,80,110,443) and and a few random ones, eg. 31000 and 32000. You can specify a range of external ports but they might all go to the one internal port; not sure about that. If you scan from the internet, Wireshark will capture the SYN frame which has been passed through the router and the RST frame being sent back. SYN is for connection attempt; RST is reset indicating port is closed.