wifi 6 modem/router

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hi i am currently using a tplink archer c1500 router that is a few years old from my previous tpg account. i used the telstra modem 3 for 6 months before comming back to tpg. The telstra modem was a wifi 6 and gave good internet coverage though the whole house and did not have any dead zones can someone recommend a new modem/router that will work in the whole house with no extenders and preferably a single network name for the 2g & 5g network. house is approx 320m2 single level.
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Hi @andyiwancz02 . I couldn't find any info on Archer C1500. There is an Archer AX10 (AX1500) and Archer C1200 (AC1200).

If the Telstra router is unlocked, it might be possible to use it with TPG, since it performed well. 

There is no special requirement for FTTP connection.

For other connections, the TPG VOIP phone service only works with TPG-supplied router.

And, the Telstra router has to support VLAN ID setting, which could be a problem.

But, you could change to a "BYO router data only" plan which does not use VLAN ID.

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hi david64, dorry typo it is an archer c1200 supplied by tpg about 3 to 4 years ago. i sent back the rekstra modem as it was free whike conected and locjed to telstra so no point kerping ut when i switched back to tpg. i am after advice for a new modem that would give similar coverage but also woukd work with tpg. we dont use a voip phone service just nbn internet.

Hi @andyiwancz02, welcome to TPG Community!


We're currently providing the TP-Link VX220-G2v which is a wifi 6 modem. You can send us a private message with your account details and we can check your options on how to get one.