$20 prepaid

Level 1c
Just out of curiosity, while listening to the moderator while purchasing my nbn unlimited WiFi plan with pay per use phoneline, I was told that I’d be charged $20 minimum so that just in case I make a call there will be a sum to be charged from. So I thought ok that sounds reasonable, but was then told that by the end of the contract should I choose to discontinue and this amount was not used the $20 is automatically surrendered to TPG. How does this make any sense? I am also told that more money will be charged from my bank account if this amount dips below $10 my bank account will automatically be charged. So I can’t use all my credit and TPG is getting $10 no matter what? This is ridiculous. If the company wanted to profit more from their packages just add 10 dollars to their installation fee but what is this?

Hi @isabelzhi, the initial $20 pre payment is necessary as the Internet and home phone line rental bundle we are offering you is sold as Pre-paid. As the line we are connecting will be capable of being used as a standard home phone service, the pre-payment will act as a reserve for any calls made that are not included in your bundle selection.


If you choose not to make outgoing calls, then this payment will remain intact with no further payment made towards your monthly service charges.


The $20 pre payment is not refundable but consumable.