4th technician visit

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I am yet to have my NBN installed.

Visit 1: No technician turned up and no phone call. Wasted a day off (had to fly someone in from interstate to cover me)

Visit 2: Technician turned up and said there was a bush on the side of my house that had to be removed so he could put a ladder up there. Left without doing anything. (Wife wasted a day off in her new job)


I spent a few hours regrettably removing the bush which has been there for over 10 years and looked great.


Visit 3: Technician turned up and said he couldn't install because it was a two man job. Didn't put a ladder up the side of the house or anything... just walked around and said he couldn't do it. Left without doing anything.

My questions are: Is it normal for it to take 4 appointments to install a cable? Is the installation definitely going to happen on the 4th appointment or are they going to come up with another reason not to do it?


Why didn't the guy on the second appointment say it was a two man job so that two men came on the third appointment?


I would get charged $110 for not showing up yet I've wasted 3 days without a thing being done. Where is my compensation?

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I put a complaint into NBN Co and they said that my complaint should be submitted to my ISP (TPG)


Where do I submit a written complaint?



Hi @ablett72,


Welcome to the community!


Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience. Whilst we successfully install thousands of NBN services each week we would like to sincerely apologise that this was not your experience.


We're able to locate your account using your Community Details. We would like to arrange a call from one of our Provisioning Case Manager to provide the installation update.


We'd like to get your best contact number and preferred time. In case you need a reference:


How do I private message (PM) in the community



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Thanks Shane. I PM'd my details.


Thanks for the contact details, @ablett72. We have escalated this to our Provisioning Team and a case manager will contact you between 9AM and 12PM VIC time today.


Hi @ablett72,


We've seen that you have been in contact with one of our Provisioning Case Manager and advised the installation progress of your NBN service.


We'll keep an eye on this, further updates will be provided by our Provisioning Team via phone call or SMS when is available.


Let us know should you require further assistance.



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Okay. Got my NBN installed on Saturday.


The ridiculous thing in this whole saga is he did an install that could have been done by the guy on the first visit.

The first guy said I had to remove foliage from the side of the house because he couldn't get a ladder up the side.There was no need to remove the bush (that had been there 10-15 years and looked great) 

The second guy said it was a two man job even after I suggested where the cable could easily run.

The third guy (my 4th booking) ran the cable without having to put a ladder up the side of the house and did it by himself in about 40 minutes. He did it in the exact spot I told the second guy to put it and it was his own idea to run it that way.

I have no doubt that the "technicians" from NBN co are rorting the system by forcing multiple visits. The last guy to refuse the install blamed ME in his report saying I refused the offered install which is a total load of BS. He was the one who didn't want to complete the job. I just wanted the job done... I didn't care how they did it.


Hi @ablett72,


Thank you for the update.


We can confirm that your NBN service is working as we already detected usages on the account.


We apologise for what happened as we don't have any control with the work of the NBN technicians. We believe that they still have room for improvement and your feedback will be forwarded to them.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,