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ADSL to NBN move

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I signed up for an ADSL connection for 18months in Feb 2017, paid all the inital set up fee etc. Now because of the move to NBN, how is TPG justifying charging me another setup fee in such a short span? I checked that NBN was made available to my building in Sep 2015. So why did TPG make me sign up for a ADSL connection with the cutover date falling within the contract period?

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Hi @appecherla2620 no need to pay another set up fee. If you move to TPG NBN on an 18 month contract restart there is a $0 fee. Check out and click Extra Pricing Info.


TPG may be happy to let you continue your existing contract term when you move to NBN. Worth calling to ask.

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Unacceptable. Why is TPG forcing me into another contract when the previous one isn't over yet? Either continue to provide ADSL for the reminder of my tenure or move me to NBN for the reminder of tenure. I do not want to sign up for yet another 18 months because my experience with TPG has been very unpleasant!!

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Hi @appecherla2620, I get where you are coming from. I reckon if you don't want to choose to move to NBN right now, just wait. There's a lot of marketing out there around moving to the NBN but you really can wait. Then again, if you would like to move to NBN now (if you want higher max speeds than ADSL or if there's an NBN deal you want to snag), the best bet is to call TPG and check if you can continue your current 13 month contract on NBN Smiley Happy


If as you say NBN first came to your area 5 months ago, you still have 13 months before the ADSL services on the copper network will be disconnected and you will be forced to move to NBN. At that time TPG will have to move you to NBN and won't ask for a contract restart - how can they when you are being forced to move by the government's decision to change the infrastructure from copper to NBN.




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I can wait but I received a letter from TPG that DSL will be disconnected on 10th November 2017. I called TPG and all I get each time is I have to pay the setup fee again or go for a new 18 month contract. So what happens to my old 18 month contract? Either TPG continue to provide the ADSL service for the remaining tenure of my contract or smoothly transition me to NBN without penalising me. Or if I have to pay for NBN setup, I have not asked for disconnecting my ADSL service so isn't it common sense that TPG refund my setup fee paid for ADSL?