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Absurd NBN issue - given access, then taken away

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I almost don’t know where to begin with this, but in short:

1) After months of back and forth, I finally had my HFC connection good to go. Two days later, it stopped. No signal.
2) My neighbour knocked on my door and advised that when my connection went in, he lost his Foxtel. His tech explained that the NBN civil contractors had simply yanked his cable out because there weren’t enough ports to service both our property and his, in the relevant external pit
3) I’ve now been advised by TPG that a tap upgrade is required. The NBN engineer who came over to trouble shoot shook his head, and said ‘they can take weeks to sort these issues out’.
4) It has now been three weeks, and sure enough, the situation is unresolved. NBN Support is simply advising TPG the same thing every time they enquire; ‘we are unable to provide a remediation date.’ I therefor have no idea whether it will be another day, a month, or a year.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does TPG have any obligation to provide assistance or an alternative service?

In find the situation to be utterly unacceptable; and in this instance, at least, it seems to be entirely NBN’s ‘fault.’

Community Manager

Hi @Dansuper,

Thanks for your time on the phone today.

Just to recap we are working with NBN management to push this case and get a date when they can come out and perform the work needed. This has been escalated to the highest level on NBN management and will update you tomorrow.




Level 1b

Thanks Manuel, I really appreciate your help! And also your team members who have previously been chasing up NBN, to no avail at this point.

It's obviously difficult for ISPs when issues relate to NBN hardware (well outside of my premises) and yet all communication needs to be channelled through you.

Hopefully, the 'when' can be confirmed, soon.




Community Manager

Hi @Dansuper, Im glad we were able to help you fast track your installation and work on the Issue with NBN on your behalf. Checking the connection everything looks good with you being connected since installation was completed.