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After Hours/Express Installation

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Hi was wondering what options there are for express/after hours NBN appointments? Happy to pay. I believe the previous tenants at our address had NBN Connection, I just need a new NBN box. Unfortunately I am not able to be home between 8:00-17:00 which is when all bookable installation appointments are.

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Regrettably, the NBN appointments are only available during business hours. If your attendance is required for the service activation, you can ask someone at least 18 years old to represent in your behalf. You also have an option to reschedule the installation. Here's how:

Our Service Delivery Team can be contacted at 1300023575 (office hours from 8am-8pm SYD).




Level 15

Hi @tombrock51 . If you are FTTC or HFC, the previous tenant may have taken the NBN box, which they shouldn't have done. Any chance of contacting them via your agent?

Otherwise, ask TPG for a replacement. 

The black HFC box connects to coax wall socket; the white FTTC box connects to telephone wall socket. These are self install. FTTB/FTTN don't use NBN box; router connects to telephone wall socket.

Your existing router is likely suitable for your new address.