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Can I delay the start of my service?

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Hi! I am currently in the process of purchasing a property and my settlement date is 2nd June. I was advised by a friend to sign up in advance because it could take up to 20 days to install, so I signed up today. To my pleasant surprise, I received this email this afternoon:


"Fantastic news! Your TPG NBN Broadband with Home Phone service is now active. Surf the net with superfast NBN Internet speeds, make outbound calls and receive incoming calls today."


The problem is that I will not be moving into the property for two weeks, and I don't want to have to pay for the Internet when I won't be using it. Is there any way I can put the start of my service on hold until I have moved into the property?


Thank you!


Hi @cindy ,

From our system , I can see you have contacted us and have been assisted, if you still have issue, pls send me private message with your customer ID and contact details,