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Can I get NBN installation any sooner?

Level 2
Level 2

It's been only a couple days since I got an email saying my ADSL connection will be obsolete by 12th of Feb. I just requested an NBN installation and got a date for 17th of March!


Can I cancel the installation and get a different provider? Can you move the installation date to an earlier date?


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Installation of NBN service generally takes less than 10 business days but can take longer in some cases, depending on the demand of NBN services in your area and the availability of the NBN technician to perform the installation.


If you'll cancel the order, there's a possibility that you'll get a much later schedule with another provider as we are using the same wholesale provider which is NBN Co.


You may provide us your TPG username or customer ID number and will check with our NBN Service delivery team to request for an earlier schedule, but we can't guarantee it.


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