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Can TPG technician install data points?

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I'm going to have FTTP to a newly built house. If I need more data points in the house, can TPG technician do that during NBN installation? How much would it cost for 1 run? I heard lots of complaints about NBN box install in garage and needs additional cabler and electrician to fix it, is anyone here got the same problem?

Good morning, @Alicetang.


TPG technicians are not able to install internal wiring in your house as it's beyond our boundary point. You can hire a licensed private technician to do the job for you.


The NBN technician will give you the option of where they can install the NBN box. Just make sure that you are available when the technician visits your house to make sure that it will be installed where it is accessible.


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thank you very much all for help Smiley Happy

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Yes, I have the same problem of the NBN box installed in the garage by the previous owner & it is affecting the internet speed especially if the room is located at the far end of the house.  What should I do now?  Can an electrician do the job of moving the cables? Do you have any contact of a reliable electrician?  Is a technician the same as an electrician?  Do I need an extra router booster (which can be purchased from JB Hifi) to boost up the speed?  If yes, what type of router booster should I purchase? Can someone offer some advice please?  Thanks.


Hi @L2_water


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We do not schedule private contractors as this needs to be done by NBN Technicians.

As this Equipment/Infrastructure is owned by NBN, only NBN Technicians are allowed to do any changes/installation on it.

You can contact NBN Complaints Contact Centre  (1800 687 626)

their availability

9am to 5pm Sat and Sun AEST

8am to 7pm Mon to Fri AEST

Let me know should you require further assistance.