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Cancellation fee for upgrading to nbn

Level 2

I noticed after filling out the NBN upgrade online form, that cancellation fees for my old ADSL account may be charged. This is ridiculous since I'm simply upgrading. DODO upgraded my adsl2+ to NBN for free last time. 
I'm staying with TPG by upgrading to NBN. I don't find it acceptable to do this. 
Further, there was no option to not pay for a modem to be delivered, despite the fact that I have an NBN compatible modem. Also, the $20 of prepaid talk credit is rediculous since a large percentage of customers don't have a home phone at all. I feel like TPG should get with the times a little more. At this point, I think I'm going to cancel my service altogether.

Can any TPG reps give me their opinion, can I cancel the $10 modem fee, adsl cancellation fee etc?