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Cancellation of NBN plan before its activated

Level 2

HELP!!! Is anybody out there. I have been trying to make contact with someone from TPG for two days now to ask how I cancel my application for an NBN plan which is currently being processed. I have not received the modem yet and don't want it as I don't want to proceed with the plan due to all the stress with COVID19.

The phone contact for TPG is not answering and I can't get anywhere on the online chat site as it is always busy and says "try again later" which never works.

How am I supposed to contact TPG during this time ? I definitely don't want to proceed with my NBN plan and don't know how to get someone to canel it.

I have had a standard and unhelpful email back from customer service saying I should call if its urgent.

How do I do that when limited calls are being taken and I have waited up to 1 hour and still not been answered.

PLEASE can someone inform me what to do to cancel???????