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Complaint/getting the run around on installation.

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I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of service, or indeed, any answers at all from TPG. 

I pre-ordered for NBN at the beginning of February, becuase TPG would not give us ADSL as an NBN connection to our home would be imminent. We waited five weeks, without internent and then were told that actually we couldn't get NBN, and it would have to be ADSL. They sent us the modem. Then I get a call last friday saying that they got it wrong and ADSL wont work and actually we have to get NBN. 


I spoke to Yuri who assured me that it was alll set up to switch over to NBN and that I would get an email and a call on Monday to arrange installation. I got neither of those. 

I called on monday and after being on hold for over an hour, was told by the person I was speaking to that he would have to transfer me to another team because he couldnt access my account. When he transfered me he just hung up. 


Yesterday, I waited on the chat for over and hour for someone to talk to, and then was told "their system was down" and again they couldnt access any information about my account and they expected it would be fixed soon and they would get back to me. 


I still had no response today so I tried online chat today. After waiting in a queue of almost 300 people, after and hour a staff member closed my chat without saying anything to me. I finally got through to someone an hour later who told me again, they couldnt help me because "their system was down". They told me it would be fixed in a hour and they would email me. Still no email five hours later. 


I am beginning to wonder whether TPG staff are being truthful about their system being down, or, whether that is what they are telling people to simply defer their enquiries. 


I have been patiently waiting for internet for nearly two months. In the household are people who study full time and need an internet connection, and this is becoming urgent. I have already paid my sign up fees and yet the instalation status says "waiting payment to be processed".


This is getting beyond ridiculous. 



If TPG cant provide me internet nor answer any of my questions, I want a refund and I'll go somewhere else.