Level 2


I upgraded to FTTC NBN from my ADSL2  and was informed vis e-mail that a NCD and Modem would be sent out and instructions on how to connect them when they arrived.

About 6 hours ago the Modem and NCD were delivered and as instructed I connected them up. Synced very quickly and I have to say i was blown away by the speed of the connection. Very impressed, well done TPG.




10 minutes ago you sent me a text message saying i need to connect my NBN modem or i may suffer service disruptions! It is connected trust me, and it's working great. What do you advise??


Hi @Skeleton, we are glad to know that your service is properly working.


Please disregard the SMS you've received as it is an automated message.


Let us know if we can be of further assistance. Thank you.