NBN is absolutely hopeless

Level 3
NBN is absolutely hopeless.

We are meant to have our 4th appointment today to resolve our installation problem between 8am to 12pm. It’s now 12:20 and the technician is no where to be seen. There wasn’t even a call to advise us if they can come or not.

We have made arrangements with our body corporate members to meet with the technician in case some rectification work is required in the common area.

We had to make arrangements with 2 different body corporate members as they do have their own appointments to attend to.

This is absolutely ridiculous, you are not only inconveniencing me but also my body corporate members as they had to arrange their time to assist me.

In the meantime, I will now lodged a formal complaint to telecommunications ombudsman.
Level 3
Just spoken with the so-called senior case manager. The way she handled our case is absolutely ridiculous and not acceptable. A long way to improve customer services.

We're sorry for the trouble this issue is causing you, @rkwong79. This has been escalated to our Complaints Resolution Team and we can see that an appointment has been booked for Saturday.


The team is closely monitoring this and further feedback will be provided via email once it becomes available.


Should you have further queries, you can contact the case manager directly via return mail.