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Connection blue light flashing

Level 2
I am trying to setup TPG NBN at my new place. Blue connection light is flashing and the DSL light is off. I have tried contacting TPG but either got no help or failed connecting to an operator. Any help would be much appreciated. I feel like TPG is worst in helping customers.

Welcome to the Community @Pandey


In order to check the status of the service installation, we created an article that will guide our customers on How to track your TPG service installation.


For NBN FTTC, we usually provide a notification via SMS that the service is awaiting activation and requires for the NBN modem to be connected. In checking the equipment setup, customers may refer to the article: NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide.


We reviewed your account and it appears that the service wasn't activated. Our NBN provisioning team will raise the case with the NBN Co and have a technician check the service in order to resolve the issue, but you've decided to withdraw the order. We regret to read that you've decided to abort the service with us.


We wish you all the best with your new provider.