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Connection issue with Netgear XR500 Router

Level 2

When I was with the different service provider XR500 router does connect to the internet with no issues. Since joining the TPG it has failed to do so. I entered the login information and set the encapsulation to PPoE. TP-link router provided by TPG works. Is there something I am missing as TPG customer service does not seems to be helpfull at all. Does PPoE requires the email login? or just the standard login provided by TPG?


Hi @siddbisty,


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I was unable to pull up an account using your community details, so I don't have a way of knowing what type of service technology you're on.


In most technology types, you only need the PPPoE username and password which will be your TPG username and your TPG account password. Some technologies like NBN-HFC will require VLAN tagging wherein you need to set it 2.


To better assist you, either PM us your customer ID/username or at least inform us what service technology you're on.




Level 2
Having the same issue. Is there a solution for this?