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I was not aware we had to leave our Arris box at our old property as the new property we moved into did not have one as previous tenant also took that. 
I need our connection up and running ASAP as i work from home and have little mobile data left to tether from, and we are only 5 days into the month.
I had a SMS from someone at TPG asking if i had a box, to which i originally replied yes. and they have not responded since. I now know i do not have a working box for this address and require one as well.

I have received no ETA on when i will have an active service.


Hi @tyggrz


If the NTD that you have is from the old address, it will not work on your new address. It is best to return the NTD to your previous house and our Service Delivery Team will need to send you a new one. Send me a PM with your TPG account details and contact information. I'll arrange a callback with a case manager to assist you on this matter.

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