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We recently got NBN on HFC.  Our plan is "NBN Cable Broadband SL Bundle Standard". We have a cordless phone that plugs into the NBN router for phone calls on our old landline number.  It seems to me that the cost of our home phone calls is alarmingly high to what they were.  We used to have the ADSL2+ home phone bundle.  I keep getting emails from TPG telling me I've reacher 50% of my home phone prepayments or that they have topped it up.

Any idea why it's so much higher than before?


Hi @BobT 


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We were able to locate your account and learned that your NBN VoIP home phone bundle is "Pay-as-you-go".


This means that standard call rates are applied.


Refer to our NBN website > Important things you need to know > TPG Voice service call rates


Service Call Rates
Local Calls 25¢
per call
National Calls 25¢ per minute^
(plus 39¢ call connection)
National Cap Capped at $2 up to 20 minutes per call
per minute National Call rates thereafter^
Mobile Calls 39¢ per minute^
(plus 39¢ call connection)
Mobile Cap Capped at $2.48 up to 20 minutes per call
per minute Mobile Call rates thereafter^
International Calls Check International Call Rates (39¢ call connection applies)
Call connection not charged for the first 100 minutes (L Bundle) each month and for all calls to specific International destinations (XL Bundle)
13/1300 Calls 30¢
per call
18/1800 Calls Free
19/1900 Calls Not supported
Directory Assistance - 1223 $1.10
per call
TPG 13 14 23 Free


TPG defines a Local Call to be a call made to a number in the same Standard Zone Unit or an adjacent Standard Zone Unit.


^ Charged per 30 second block or part thereof



You have the option to add the OZ talk, which will cost you an additional $10/Month. Which covers Unlimited local calls, Unlimited standard national calls, Unlimited national calls to mobiles.


You may add it online or we'll arrange a call from our Accounts team.