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I registered to TPG for an NBN installation on a Tuesday. I entered the modem delivery address to be my home address but after a few minutes I realized that it would be better if I have it delivered at my office address. I submitted a support ticket to help me do that on that same day (Tuesday). 


Come Friday, I received an email from NBN that my installation process is done. I checked the consignment number and it still was not reflected in StarTrack's system. I called the customer support to verify if my delivery address had been changed and, of couse, it was not. There wasn't even a ticket created for this. The customer service that answered the call appeared to try her best to contact StarTrack and told me that the delivery wasn't even in the Startrack system and that it is still possible to change it and she will do it personally. I was happy for the support I got.


Come Saturday, I checked the consignment number again in StarTrack... and... it still has my home address. Every one from customer support is telling me one thing, but the results are always the opposite. 


Worst. Customer. Support. Ever. 


TPG, please change your customer support company, I feel like they are from my home country and I am deeply embarassed by it.


A related issue - 

Come Wednesday, I received a response saying that my request is duly noted - I tried to keep in touch on the days following that but the response is always followed by "However, it appears that you have used the initial of your first name as signature in your email.".  This happened to me twice while responding to TPG's email. I responded with my Full Name (for the so-called verification) but I received no response.


What is up with this? Since when did that become a valid source of identification?


Hi @kjqlewlvhgiwe,


Welcome to the Community! 


We're sorry to learn about your poor experience and please know that your feedback does matter to us. Our team strives to constantly improve in order to provide the best customer service.


I've managed to locate your account using your Community details and have checked your recent interaction with our support team. It appears that the equipment is already with our courier and should be delivered within 1-2 working days. In the event that you will not be able to receive it personally on the home address, the equipment will be dropped off at the nearest Post Office where you can simply pick it up.


I realised that you may have had a rough start but hopefully we can still turn your experience around.


We'll be in touch again tomorrow to provide further updates.






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Hi Ahra,


I can out this behind me if I can get the modem today, as advised. I did not go to work to wait for it.


I can not do this again.



Hi @kjqlewlvhgiwe


I've since checked the status of the equipment and it appears that it has been delivered. 


Should this not be the case, may I suggest to contact Startrack directly on 13 23 45 or as advised, if the receiver is not available, the package will be dropped off to the nearest Post Office. 


The router is auto-configure so all you need to do is to plug it in to the UNID-1 port of the NBN box. 


Please check these articles for the NBN FTTP set up guide: 


Please don't hesitate to let me know should you have queries or requires further assistance.