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Did everything requested, now I have to wait an extra eight days for an installation?

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O.K. I paid for the connection, confirmed the appointment multiple times, took time off work (at my own expense - no pics time off for me) and then got up at the crack of dawn to be there on time for the installer.

Three hours later, called TPG to inquire the likely arrival time of the installer to be told "the installation has been cancelled as you didn't confirm when called by NBN" (I did confirm when they called).

After numerous further calls to both TPG and NBN Co., TPG then says my install has been put back by over a week. No "sorry, we wasted your day/cost you days wages", no "we'll see if it can be rescheduled sooner", just "here's a date over a week away, take it or leave it". Also, no warning whatsoever that the install wasn't going to happen - I checked TPG's install page to be sure it was still going ahead. This still read all O.K. for this morning until I made a call to TPG.

Once I DID call, I was even offered an install within (a further) four days, but after I'd repeatedly agreed to that date, was told by the operator "sorry, I didn't enter that on the system, so now mid next week is as good as you can get".

In every instance, I've done what's asked and my reward has been non-service and a "take it or leave it" attitude from call centre staff.

The attitude and performance of TPG staff has been nothing short of appalling. This seems to be the perfect bureaucratic blame-shift operation. TPG blames NBN Co., NBN Co. blames TPG and to hell with the customers.

Any assistance would be gratefully received (but obviously highly unlikely).
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*paid time off.
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Hi @davidbenham1,


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Our sincerest apologies for what happened as no provider would wish to cause inconvenience to their customers. I can only imagine how frustrating your experience has been.


We understand that you've raised this case on our Facebook page and the case was escalated to our Service delivery team.


The schedule that was given to you was the earliest that your case manager can get from NBN as they need to consider the availability of their technician. We weren't able to advise you that the initial schedule was canceled since we received the update from NBN Co on the same day as well.


A case manager is monitoring your account and will provide further updates once available.


Kind regards,