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Dropouts and inconsistent speeds

Level 2
Hey guys I just got my NBN FTTC 2 days ago and I have had a few problems there has been a couple of dropouts and I have had unstable internet speeds please help me out.

Hi @Kaledelkirdi


Welcome to the Community!


I was able to check your connection history and though we're able to detect dropouts in the past 2 days, currently, your modem has been connected for 22 hours. Our tests at the moment don't show any network fault. Should you still incur dropouts, please take note of the status of the lights on both the NCD and the modem for us to determine where the dropouts are coming from.


As for the speed issue you've raised, can you provide us screenshots of your speedtest results? It would be best to test the connection using a computer hardwired to the modem to eliminate a possible WIFI-related issue.




Hi @Kaledelkirdi,


Thanks for letting us know via email that your connection has improved after performing a reset. We can confirm that your modem has been connected without any disruption for 3 days 18 hours at this point.


Feel free to leave a comment should you need further assistance.