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TPG technician or electrician?

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I have signed up to TPG NBN two weeks ago, I have had no internet since my activation started a few days ago. I spoke with TPG online where we ran through some tests with the modem, which did not work, he then set me an appointment with an NBN technician. They came out yesterday and said that i will need to get an electrician out to fix internal cables as it is an internal cabling problem apparently. The outside cables are working.

I got a call today from TPG to get a TPG technician to the house tomorrow. Will they be able to fix this problem? Or am I best to contact an electrician?

Apparently there has been NBN active at this house before, so i am not sure why it isn’t working.

Hi @JessBabin 


Based on the notes of your assigned Engineer, they need to confirm the report that was given by the NBN technician as you've advised that there was a working NBN service before in the address.


A 30 mins call on approach has been advised to the TPG technician that is assigned to check the wiring.


Further updates will be given once available.