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Email authentication failed

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Hi, I've just ordered my nbn and trying to set up my email on my andriod phone. I have input my username, email, password and all other details correctly but I continue to recieve an error - unable to set up account Authentication failed. Tried on other apps and the different accounts; pop3 and imap and double and triple checked that my details match the ones that I set up. Any help is much appreciated.


Also just realised I can't log in on the tpg post webpage either so it might just be my problem. Can log into my account just not email for some reason.




Maybe the account is not yet activated.

You may log in to my account because the acount name is already reserve since you already place an order.


You may just have to wait until the account is activated if you just ordered the service.



Level 4

Were you with TPG on ADSL?  Prior to NBN?


I was I had an Alias account setup, worked beautifully when I was on ADSL, but after the switch to NBN it wouldn't authenticate.  I ended up having to dump my Alias, just another sucky side effect of NBN and TPG