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Ethernet ports in new home aren't working! Help!

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I've recently relocated towns and am using a new NBN setup "Fibre to the Node (FTTN)". I haven't used this setup before. I am able to get WIFI throughout my home by plugging my DSL to the telephone wall socket in my garage. I have several ethernet wall spots throughout my home (in office and TV areas) and would love to use them for gaming/streaming consistency etc.
Whenever I plug an ethernet cable into these outlets nothing is recognised. I have included photos below. Any help would be so appreciated! - Current setup. Not sure if I'm using the correct side? - The alternative option in the garage - Current setup as seen from underneath
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The ethernet ports in each room should lead back to a patch panel which might be in the garage or somewhere else inside the house. You run a short cable from the patch panel socket to the router LAN port. The working telephone wall socket for the wifi router should be here also.

I'm assuming that your internet access is working. (When you connect the router DSL port to the telephone wall socket, do the DSL and Internet lights come on?)

Are you using the TPG voip phone service?

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I can’t find this panel anywhere in my home! The internet access is working using the DSL port in my original photo. However plugging the LAN port into the wall isn’t working... any other ideas?

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Just like what @david64 said, you may need to check if there's a patch panel near the telephone wall socket in the garage. If there is, then you need to connect an Ethernet port from the modem/router LAN port to the patch panel ports.

You may contact your landlord or the previous owner of the house to check the setup of the internal Ethernet cabling on the premises to confirm if what you desire will work.


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