External Network Shortfall

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I purchased the NBN12 Plan two weeks ago and I have received the router through courier already. A technician was supposed to have come on Friday 25th Septemebr to proceed with the installation, however, they had to cancel it because of an External Network Shortfall to which NBN will have to come and troubleshoot. I have spoken to your technical service team and they mentioned that it might take till April next year for this to be fixed. 


However, I recently spoke to my neighbour and she is getting NBN installed today through a different service provider. When I asked her regarding this issue, I was told that cabling for NBN to each unit was completed last year. I have also seen a NBN connection box outside of another unit in our complex. 


Can you please tell me what is really going on? If this is the case and if its going to take that long then I would like to cancel my NBN plan. And before you mention my case manager, I am still waiting for her to reply to my email.  


Hi @rinakumar86 


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We have been advised by NBN that your order has been placed on hold due to the following reason:


External Network Shortfall


What is it?


Additional work within the NBN network is required to complete your installation. This work can sometimes be complex and requires technician with specific skill set or equipment working across multiple days.

The most common reasons for this shortfall is the Lead-In Conduit (LIC) which is the underground path where the fibre runs along is damaged, blocked or doesn’t exist.

This additional work is required by NBN and would apply for all Internet Service Providers. There is no cost to you as NBN will be completing the work.


We understand that you've been in contact with your case manager and decided to terminate the account since we can only provide you with the ADSL service, while waiting for the NBN.


We wish you all the best with your new provider and stay safe.