FTTC NBN static IP

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I have just changed my plan to include a static IP address. How can i get the address so I can forward it to my business VOIP provider? 


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Hi @mjemmett5,


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In order to check the ADSL/NBN static IP address, our customers need to login via "My Account: https://www.tpg.com.au/home/myaccount", then needs to look for NBN/ADSL Account Management, click on NBN/ADSL Settings.


The information that you seek will be displayed.



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I would also like to verify the static config details for our NBN connection. I do not have a  TPG account as the internet product is billed through AAPT, thus can not log in to check.


Is there another way I can verify the details? The details I have are not permitting connection to NBN, despite long tech support with my router supplier


Many thanks