FTTC Not Connecting

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I received my NCD and Modem yesterday,

Following the instructions provided, power and  plugging the RJ lead into the working phone line with adsl, "please wait upto 30mins"  I left it for nearly 2 hours.

I have power, but no Connection or DSL light, yes they flicker but no handshake.


I'm presumming the DPU is not receiving my power to switch, 

I have these results on my dpu :

Premises service class: 33

Premises service class description: Serviceable by FTTC, cut-in complete (NCD required)

Premises readiness: Ready to connect to the nbn!


My research leads me to believe if I'm patched in, once I power the DPU my adsl should switch off and nbn take over, however I've been informed by others "ohh thats what i went through" good luck.


nothing on my paperwork states wait for a txt message of email, i only had this info when i phoned.





Hi @mk2gt


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and have seen that you've been in touch with our service delivery team.


Since all troubleshooting has been exhausted and the result of the remote test was still failing, the case has now been escalated to our Engineering team to schedule a technician that will visit the site to investigate and resolve this issue. They'll be in touch once an update is available.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


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Good luck on your little adventure Smiley Happy


Mine was "connected" on 18/01 and disconnected again on 24/01 due to being patched to wrong port in street most likely. TPG tech came on 31/01 to confirm then they request NBN to attend. This is where your nightmare will begin especially if you are in a new build area like mine and NBN didn't install it properly.....just not enough NBN contractors for the workload.....so I hope it can be fixed without NBN attending.


Have already had 1x missed NBN appointment with the next in over 2 weeks.......happy waiting...with the rest of us lol


Hi @damo29


Thanks for reaching out to us. 


We've seen your thread and has replied on it. 


Let us continue the discussion on your thread here to avoid redundancy and confusion.