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Fiber has already been fed through to the side of my house

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I got an email from TPG saying that my NBN installation has been delayed until November but the NBN fiber has already been fed to the side of my house. I was wondering if I still have to wait until November to get NBN installed or if someone could come down early than November to install it? 


PS. I have already pre-ordered NBN and just waiting for the installation




Hi @Daniel-,


Even though the fibre optic line was already installed in the area, NBN Co. Need some time to have everything linked into their server. That's why they've provided us the date for the service to be available in your address this Novemeber.


I checked your address and learned that the NBN Service will be available this Nov. 3,2018. Once your order progress, the installation may take 2-30 working days for it to be fully activated.


You can contact our customer service team on 13 14 23 (Opt. 3 + 1) for more update on your order.