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HFC Installation Issue - Poor Communication and Customer Service

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A technician has now visited my house twice to install the NBN (HFC) with no work commenced and no NBN connection.


The first visit was scheduled on the 21st Jan (between 1pm - 5pm).  The technician turned up at 3pm and said he did not have the correct works order for the job.  He only had a order to connect from the NBN utility box to a point within the house.  However no utility box had been installed and therefore they would have also have to install the utility box and do the connection from the pit in front of my house to the utility box.  After he left i immediately rang TPG to inform them.  THe CS representative stated they didn't have the facts from NBN but a case manager would be in contact within the day.  I received a text message that night stating i would receive a call within 24hrs.


Surprisingly i never received a call from a TPG case manager but did receive an email stating my installation had been rescheduled to the 28th (between 8am-12pm). Therefore I had to call TPG again to speak to a case manager.  He said the first installation was not performed because the technician ran out of time.  I told him this was incorrect and went through the issue and let him know my disappointment as to how it was handled.  He stated he would send a note to the NBN to ensure the technician at the next visit had the right works order and he would follow this up.


Again surprisingly the technician turned up today (28th) at approx 10am and again had the wrong works order to complete the works(seems there was no follow-up from TPG).  After speaking with him and him speaking with his company they agreed to do the connection.  However as soon as he started the work figured out he was unable to run the cable from the pit to the house because the cable conduit is full or blocked.  Once again they left without any work being completed.


I have now wasted 2 days of work as i needed to be home for the technician visit and still have no idea of when i will be connected to the NBN.  Again i have had to contact TPG (not the other way around as it should be) and they have advised i will receive a call by COB Thursday advising the next step.  


TPG - Please improve your service and customer communication.  I have wasted too much time waiting to be connected and calling you for updates.  You've happily signed my onto a contract and charged money for a modem that is not in use but have not delivered the service.  Please urgently escalate this so it can be resolved promptly and i can get the service you have promised.


Hi @HT_NBN_Issue,


Welcome to the community!


Thank you for your feedback. Whilst we successfully install thousands of NBN services each week we would like to sincerely apologise that this was not your experience.

We understand your frustrations regarding the missed installation appointment particularly when you the installation was rescheduled without any explanation.

We're able to locate your account using your community details and seen that this installation is now being handled by one of our Provisioning Case Manager.

We will pass this to them and make a follow up at the same time. We'd like to get your best contact number and preferred time and we'll have them contact you.