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Help with nbn connection

Level 2
Hello, I have had nbn installed at my house earlier today. And I have been trying all day to connect to wifi, I can connect but as soon as I try to use it, it drops out and then disconnects. I have tried to contact online support and I havnt been able to get through and I have been on the phone waiting for over a hour.
I have ran through all the troubleshooting tips and it’s still the same. I need help with this ASAP as my partner needs the internet for his work from home at the moment.

Thank you
Level 11

When you say "connect to wifi", do you mean you are trying to get a wifi device connected to the router or do you mean the internet connection is dropping out?

When a dropout occurs, what lights are lit on the NBN connection box and on the wifi router?

Do you have a computer connected by cable to the router? Does it get the same dropouts as your wifi device?

Level 2
Abit of both, I can connect to the wifi on my mobile but it’s super super slow and is only letting me load certain things and then after maybe 5 or so minutes it drops out and just starts using my phones data. But I cannot connect at all via my laptop.
All 4 lights are on the NBN connection box. And on the modem, the power, 2.4G, 5G and the Lan4 lights are on. None of the others are. Is there meant to be any other lights on?

I tried connecting my laptop to the router and it didn’t let me connect at all.
Thank you kindly for your help
Level 11

The DSL light on the router needs to be on before the internet light can come on.

Having the NBN box DSL light on means it is communicating with the NBN network. The router DSL light off may indicate a problem at the far end.

You can persist with online chat or wait for a moderator on this post.

Or make a new post with these extra bits of info added in.

Make the subject: Internet connection slow and drops out.